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Our goal is to equip our students with the best defensive driving techniques possible. We hire instructors who have had personal experience in observing the consequences of placing a drivers license in the hands of an over-confident, under-experienced teenager. While we are unable to control what the student does when he completes our course, we do control the time in our program and parents can rest assured we do not take lightly the task of using that time wisely!
      Auto Safe Driving School, Inc. is a member of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

Driver Education & Training

Course Includes:


Driver Education includes eight hours of classroom instruction held at the Wingate by Wyndham Inn I-85 and Pelham Road in Greenville.  

  We use American Automobile Associations's  "Driver Improvement Program"  Listed in the sidebar is a brief outline of what is covered.


AAA: Driver Improvement Program
1. Introduction to Risk Management 
2.  Being Ready to Drive
3.  Effective Visual Awareness
4.  Sharing the Road
5.  Using Speed and Space Effectively 
6. Alcohol and Other Drugs
7.  Distractions, Drowsiness and Emotions
8.  Driving Emergencies

During this class the students are allowed to interact with the instructor and each other in simulated situations where critical decisions must be made in seconds  We also use videos of accidents involving teens who talk about the tragic consequences of making wrong decisions behind the wheel.

Speaker, LCpl Dan Marsceau, former Spokesman for the South Carolina Highway Patrol relates to the class stories of accidents involving teens in the Greenville area.    

Students are shown with the use of "drunkbuster glasses" the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  

Behind The Wheel

The instructor will track the student’s progress on our Student Progress Report.

Six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction done in three two-hour sessions or two three-hour sessions with pickup at home or school. If we pick up the student at school they will be taken home after lesson. We teach any student at any skill level. The instructor will track the student's progress on our Student Progress Report.

Training in safety-equipped late model Toyota Corolla
To promote focused, no-distractions training, only the instructor and student are in the car. During this course the instructor teaches the student skills needed to pass the road test, skills to be a defensive driver, skills to successfully recover a car which has veered onto the shoulder (one of the common ways teens die in accidents), skills needed to navigate interstate on and off ramps, and experience driving on the interstate (for students who have reached this level of competency).  Our instructors never do anything to make students feel uncomfortable, but are all professional driving instructors.

10% Insurance discount upon completion

Upon completion of the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction, the student will receive a certificate which qualifies for a 10% insurance discount. The student will also receive the PDLA form which is required for 15 and 16 year-olds to show they have completed driver education. Before taking Driver Education the parents can have a visit from the management of Auto-Safe Driving School if it is desired. 


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