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Our goal is to equip our students with the best defensive driving techniques possible. We hire instructors who have had personal experience in observing the consequences of placing a drivers license in the hands of an over-confident, under-experienced teenager. While we are unable to control what the student does when he completes our course, we do control the time in our program and parents can rest assured we do not take lightly the task of using that time wisely!
      Auto Safe Driving School, Inc. is a member of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

Student Testimonials

I had a very good experience with Auto Safe Driving School. The class was very informative and I did all of my driving hours in one week. My instructor told me all of the right things to do and I learned a lot. I ended up passing my test and losing only 5 points. :)
— Claire Wilson, Hillcrest student
I loved my experience with Auto Safe. My instructor was so kind and very patient with me. He had a coaching style that made me feel like I could really grasp what he was teaching. We took baby steps and he knew just when to push me to gain some confidence. The price is also good. You pay for expertise and the confidence that you are getting the best training. Trust me, you want that confidence when you are behind the wheel. I am glad I chose Auto Safe, I am better for it!
— Tsotsoo Lartey, Adult student from Ghana
This is a great school. I previously had three wrecks and have not had a wreck since in ten years! I loved being able to have a trooper as my instructor. He was very patient and gave me the confidence I needed to drive safely.
— Elisabeth Sheys, Adult student
I wanted to thank everybody at Auto Safe Driving School. I have three daughters and they gave my youngest one her driving lessons. I’ve dealt through the years with a few other companies and Auto Safe was probably the best one. They did a great job teaching my daughter how to drive. Thank you Auto Safe.
— Maria Ossi, mother of Julia Ossi a St. Joes student
We would like to thank Auto-Safe Driving School, especially for Mr. Greene, for his patience and kindness with us. Sometimes foreigns like us can see as some american people built this wonderful nation.
— Carlos Nobrega, Adult student from Brazil
My experience with Auto Safe was great. They took me from not knowing how to drive at all to getting a perfect score on my driver’s test on my first try. My instructor was incredibly patient — far more patient than my own father was — and instilled in me the importance of being a defensive driver. My Auto Safe driving instructor taught me when I was sixteen, and I’m twenty-three now and have never received a ticket or been in an accident while behind the wheel (knock on wood...). If you’re looking for a driving school for your child that will ensure he or she passes her driver’s test with flying colors, I’d highly recommend Auto Safe.
— Sarah Ingle, former Riverside student
Just wanted to let you all know that My son is loving Mr. King! He comes home every day after driving talking about learning a lot and enjoying Mr. King!
— Christi Bailey, mother of Justin Bailey a Greenville High student

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