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Our goal is to equip our students with the best defensive driving techniques possible. We hire instructors who have had personal experience in observing the consequences of placing a drivers license in the hands of an over-confident, under-experienced teenager. While we are unable to control what the student does when he completes our course, we do control the time in our program and parents can rest assured we do not take lightly the task of using that time wisely!
      Auto Safe Driving School, Inc. is a member of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

Driver Improvement Courses


We offer several Driver Improvement Courses

  1. Adult Behind the Wheel Lessons

  2. Certificate for Court or Insurance Class

  3. Point Reduction Class

  4. Fleet Class

  5. Mature Operator Class

Adult Behind the wheel Lessons

$100 per 2-Hour Lesson

We will start by determining the student's present driving abilities and work from there to teach the skills needed not only to pass the road test, but also to be a safe, defensive driver.  Training in safety-equipped, late model Toyota Corolla in two-hour lessons.   No need for adults to lock into a specific number of hours. Start where you are and take only as many lessons as you need.

certificate for court or insurance class


To satisfy a judge's request, an eight-hours of classroom time is required. Our class is approved by the SC Department of Public Safety. This course is offered at least twice a month in one all-day session. Upon completion, the student will receive the AAA certificate verifying such to present to the Court. You can also take the course  to receive 10% insurance discount on liability and collision insurance. This class can be taken for insurance discount only if the student 25 years of age or older. If the student is under 25 and desires insurance discount they must take Driver Education. 

Point Reduction Class


Requires eight hours of classroom instruction. Reduces four points from SC Drivers License, or to satisfy a judge's request for a driver improvement class to avoid a ticket.

Offered twice a month in one all-day session.
Once completed,  the points should clear your record within six weeks.

NOTE: This course will reduce four points from your driving record, but will NOT reduce insurance points, only time will reduce those.  This course can only be taken every three years to reduce highway points. 

Fleet Class


Does your company own a fleet of vehicles and have multiple drivers? Auto-Safe can come to your company and train your drivers using the AAA Driver Improvement Program in a 4 hour course that can be modified to your company’s needs. The drivers will also receive a certificate from AAA that can be used for insurance discount. This course can be done on your premises, on your schedule. Call our office for scheduling and availability.

Mature operator class


Do you, your church, or other group need a class for those who are 55 or older. We offer a specific class for this very need. This can even be done at the location of your church or other group’s building. The AAA Road Wise Driver Class is designed for those drivers who are mature and would like to learn what has changed in driving since they first started on the road and also some specific issues that relate especially to mature operators. This is a six hour class and you will receive the AAA Road Wise Driver Certificate upon completion that is good for insurance discount. Call our office for scheduling and availability.

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